7 Drum Building Steps to Sunbursting Your Drums With Aerosol Cans

Drum creating isn’t going to have to be tough. Drum constructing doesn’t call for crazy resources. Drum constructing isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. Now repeat these three things to by yourself in the mirror and get crackin’ on your new drum set previously!

* “But I do not have the gear to make my personal drums?” Truthfully… you may live. And you can nevertheless make a drum set that is distinctive, expert hunting and wonderful sounding.

* “Wait… isn’t drum developing challenging?” Wonderful query. The response is NO. We aren’t reinventing the wheel right here… we purchase drum shells pre-created (which is the specialized portion) and customized drum lugs and hardware of your decision… then we finish the drums in any custom way that you can dream of.

* “That is crazy… drum constructing sounds’ expensive.” Not as expensive as buying custom drums or a personalized set from a notable drum firm. In fact, you will finish up conserving about 70% of your money if you purchase the drum creating supplies rather than acquiring a completed customized drum set.

Okay okay… back to the tutorial: A straightforward drum developing notion is to sunburst your drums with nitro cellulose aerosol cans. The cans are effortless to purchase on the internet and it really is a classy search, and it is super simple to do. Here are the actions I utilize from the Guerrilla Drum Generating DVD to attain a cool sunburst drum finish:

– #one: Sand the drum shell with 320 grit paper, wipe it to take away the dust and Apply four great sanding sealer coats and allow every coat dry extensively. Allow the last coat dry overnight.

-#2: In the morning lightly sand the drum shell with #320 paper for a wonderful and smooth surface. Drum producing is all about prepping: the completed merchandise is only as good as the start off… so make that little one good and smooth.

– #3: Prep the insides of the drum shell. In the Guerrilla Drum Creating DVD, I do this with tin foil and blue tape. I simply tape the tinfoil to the insides of the shell to shield it from overspray.

– #four: Apply the dark colored (usually brown) Sunbursting Aerosol Can to the edges of the drum shell. Make this as dark as you want (many coats will get it black) and as massive as you want.

– #5: Apply the amber/yellow Subursting Aerosol Can to the rest of the drum. The yellow color will not impact the dark edges, so overlap the yellow into the dark edges to make sure you are not missing any spots.

– #six: Hit the entire drum with at least two coats of gloss lacquer aerosol. I know… when you are making drums it’s difficult to be patient… but if your not in a hurry, I would do 4 coats or more. This locks in the amber zone and protects it. Any overspray from our next stage can be very carefully smoothed off with #0000 steel wool.

– #7: Ad the transitional red zone. This is achieved by applying the brown Sunbursting Aerosol appropriate exactly where the black edge meets the yellow/amber zone. This zone can be as big or as tiny as you want your burst or fade to extend. I went by way of the most drastic illustration in my Guerrilla Drum Producing DVD to display how actually tiny of a burst you could get if you wanted.

DO’S: always shoot aerosol cans in a well ventilated location and wear a protective mask….. shoot light coats.

DONT’S: Do not even try and place your drums in the sun to dry… you will be far more than mad at what happens.

The sunbursting option is a easy and simple drum finish with any drum constructing tasks. Producing a drum set with this method is simple, enjoyable, and classy. For the complete tutorial which includes a brief video snippet, check out out The Sunbursting Tutorial here.

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