Blogging – Purpose of Getting a Blog

Many people who have just started using the internet are asking the question, “Why exactly do I need a blog?”  It is actually perfectly valid, because most of us really have no need for yet another drain on time!

The main reason is that the internet has developed from an internet resource into a social environment, many people find that a blog is a great way to keep in touch.

From a business perspective, using a blog is the perfect way to pass information in the form of news and updates that aren’t critical enough to post on a website, but important enough to put in the public domain.  Blogging helps to increase the reputation and transparency of your internet business, making it seem more trustworthy at the same time.

How do You Get a Blog?

These days there are a few options.  You can either sign up for a free blog at one of the many sites such as Blogger, or you can create your own using free software that is available such as WordPress.

1. Blogger

This is most probably the easiest option if you are new to the whole idea of blogging, as they not only host your blog, but provide a pretty good community of fellow bloggers too.  It does have some limitations.  If your blog is shut down for some reason, you lose the content, in other words it’s gone.

2. WordPress

If you have your own web host or access to one then many people enjoy the flexibility that comes with WordPress.  It is a very popular blogging platform, but requires a little bit of technical savvy in order to get it up and running.

However, once it is up there, it is tremendously easy to use, highly professional and a great deal more customizable than the hosted alternatives.

So, the choice is yours, Blogger or WordPress.  You may want to start with Blogger just so you get the hang of blogging before moving over especially if you are technically challenged.

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