Can a Jewish ladies have a Mikvah from house?

Question by thomas m: Can a Jewish girls have a Mikvah from house?
If 1 is far away from a Synagogue or about holiday may a girls have her mikvah from house? If yes how?

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Answer by Aravah
answer: Yes. By speaking with all the surrounding synagogue which has the mikvah plus arranging to see the mikvah.

For example, there is not a free flowing water inside the nearby city thus, for conversion plus alternative visits to the mikvah – 1 visits a nearby lake or forces 300 miles to another city plus visits the mikvah of the synagogue because city.

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  1. Cindy

    If it meets all the requirements of a Mikvah, she can. But she would have to have Rabbinical supervision for its construction for sure. There are many, many requirements for creating a Mikvah, not the least of which it has to be sourced by a natural water source with no obstructions. She definitely needs Rabbinical Supervision for it, if she wants it to be a kosher mikvah.

    Of course if she is near a river, lake, or ocean she can always use that as a kosher mikvah.