Can Orthodox Jewish girls put on sandals?

Question by Tess: Can Orthodox Jewish females wear sandals?
I considered Orthodox women only wore near toed footwear until I saw the Frum Fashionista weblog and she showed off flip flops and thongs. I am getting to be far more tsnius and live in Las Vegas, so if I can wear sandals, it would be terrific.

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4 Responses to Can Orthodox Jewish girls put on sandals?

  1. Tom

    I thought god gave every on free will to do as they wish

  2. Tehilla V

    I don’t wear sandals; I wear close-toes shoes. AND stockings. AND I live in Texas. 🙂

    I’ve seen things on “frum” websites that I wouldn’t wear, personally. And I’ve seen women who consider themselves Orthodox wear things I wouldn’t wear, too.

    I think of Tznius as a continuum. Some people have a different “standard” that the Orthodox norm–but it’s good that they HAVE a standard. And it could very well be that they’ll eventually become more careful in what they wear—or not. In the long run, that’s between them and their conscience, and all I can do is dress the way I’m convinced is right.

    Why don’t you talk to your Rebbetzin? She can give you some advice, especially if she knows you well. And remember–no one has to measure up to a perfect standard, especially not all at once. Sometimes it’s better to take things slowly, a step at a time.

    I was carpooling my daughter & her friends to their Bais Yaakov school the other day, and they were talking about a film they’d just seen on tznius. One of them–a Rabbi’s daughter, very frum–said that she’d been realizing lately how a person’s tznius can ALWAYS be improved–no matter how frum that person is. That kind of blew my mind–Oy!–but I think she also meant that it’s possible to have EVERYTHING covered and still dress in a way that is inherently immodest. Food for thought–but in the long run, talk to your Rebbetzin, do your best, and take things a step at a time.

  3. Michelle R

    Depends on community standards.

    Chassidic women don’t, but then they don’t allow bare legs at all.

    Orthodox women, particularly Modern Orthodox but also more machmir communities in hotter climates, will often wear sandals, so long as they are utilitarian (you won’t see them in bare legs with gladiator stilettos, for example 😉

    I just spent this past shabbos in Baltimore, which leans pretty far rightwards, and many women were wearing sandals, even to shul. But it was well over 80 degrees. Israel also has large numbers of frum women who wear sandals with their hair covered, long sleeves and long skirts.

    In general, feet are not considered ervah (naked skin that can not be shown) unless they are normally kept covered. So again, in some communities, that’s how it works out. But if Orthodox women in your Jewish community do, then you can accept that for yourself if you are still dressing modestly. If you still aren’t sure, ask your rabbi.

    To Tehilla’s point – yes, one can always strive to do more, as with all aspects of halacha, but there is a point at which doing more is no longer following halacha but embracing a chumra for its own sake. Even the most strict gaonim were lenient on some rulings. And when it comes to issues of tznius, which is based on community standards, common sense is also a factor. Otherwise you end up like the crazy woman in Bet Shemesh, who was only stopped in her zeal to put frum women into burqas when the police were able to prove child abuse allegations and her community woke up to the fact that she wasn’t a role model in any way.

  4. star

    sure you can!

    it is not wrong to wear sandals, or to even go round with no tights…

    a lot of orthodox communities would condemn this, but from minhag – not clear cut strict law.

    enjoy your sandals!!