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Get the Girl You Want

It’s human nature to want what we can’t have, don’t have, or haven’t had in a while. It’s also our nature as women to ignore the guys that want us the most. The guy that sends you flowers and loving texts and e-mail all day isn’t nearly as appealing as the guy that blows us … Continue reading

Most popular Frum Girl auctions

Some recent frum girl auctions on eBay:

How to Meet a Girl

Before you go out to meet girls remember this, you’re not desperate. You’re not going to show any girl under any circumstance that your life is incomplete without her. The only place that’s going to get you is shut down. Let her know that you’re alive. You’re living breathing creature that has a vocal box, … Continue reading

Understanding Asian Girls

Mesmerizing, captivating and lovely are the words that best describe Asian women. Deciding to date or even marry an Asian would prove to be one of the greatest things that you will ever do in your life. Asian women have values and are very well educated. Education is very important in their culture and that’s … Continue reading

Girls Clothes, Girls Clothing

Kids Clothing for Girls Generally the various types of clothing we all wear are inspired by our society, the culture and traditions; as well as the social and climatic conditions around us. They are basically made as per diverse needs and prevalent fashions. The developments and changes in our lifestyle have also influenced the kind … Continue reading