Clothes Rail

A clothes rail is a great storage solution in the work place or at home. If you have issues with were to put spare clothes, and your wardrobes are already overflowing, a clothes rail could be the solution to your storage problems. Not only that, but a clothes rail can also be a fantastic display or storage tool in shops. Many high street stores now use a variety of clothes rails to display products, not only is it a practical solution to shop floor and stock room storage and display, it is also a fantastic way of displaying products. On a practical note, you can prepare shop displays on a clothes rail in the back and wheel it on to the shop floor when you need it with absolutely minimum fuss.
Clothes Rail

If you are looking to buy a clothes rail, Display Fix has a wonderful selection available; all of which come with attached wheels, making them very manoeuvrable and transportable. Using a clothes rail can provide a real vintage, stylish feel to your store, which can really help appeal to your customers with this quirky style.

Clothes rails allow you to stock a great range of products, yet also display them in a stylish manner as well.  A clothes rail is also very versatile as they come in a range of sizes and are height adjustable, so what you want to store or display will be fine due to its flexibility regarding to height.
Clothes Rail

Clothes rails are becoming increasingly popular across retail stores and peoples home and because of this, they are becoming much easier to find and cheaper to buy. A clothes rail really can be an invaluable, cost-effective, stylish way to present your store and is extremely practical with its easy manoeuvrability as well as being easy to take apart and rebuild.

Display Fix have a fantastic clothes rail range available, as well as a host of other shop display items such as mannequins and display heads. Display Fix also have a great range of products to suit your storage issues.

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