Cobus – Skrillex – Equinox (Very first Of The 12 months) (Drum Cover)

Cobus - Skrillex - Equinox (First Of The Year) (Drum Cover)

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Video Rating: 4 / five

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40 Responses to Cobus – Skrillex – Equinox (Very first Of The 12 months) (Drum Cover)

  1. Josephakajoe


  2. Tinki Azarloza


  3. MegaPaco1290

    I KNEW IT!!!

  4. Raphael Santtos'

    rings too, congratulations !!

  5. jordan nathan


  6. TheGovnomet

    yeah right. mike terrana or portnoy or dave weckl have less then million views. but make your drums more simple and use pop song and more people like it)

  7. heyyoulokoyou


  8. Guilherme Oliveira

    How much you paid in the drum?

  9. awsmdrummer62

    Since you are one of the popular drummers on here, how come you haven’t done any truly challenging covers by bands such as Rush, Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, or Tool? Just seems really strange you haven’t covered any of those bands.

  10. Cor Ni

    jesus =D haha made my day! =) nice jk.

  11. MrBlackout1998


  12. Eqric

    It’s a trap!

  13. matie hauata

    jolie jolie

  14. KajetanGAMES123


  15. husoldier1212

    Do a drum cover of southern girl by Tim McGraw

  16. MrBlackout1998

    Man, this is nothing compared to what this guy does /watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
    ~Im sorry lol

  17. intencity10

    this is fuckin quality….absolutely amazing drumming!!!!!!

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  19. SonsofOlaf

    If its the meal I like, than yes

  20. Conner Anderson

    Check out my covers! I try my best to make quality videos!

  21. rayegeamusic


  22. MrToxicNix

    You saved the best for the last ones, awesome!

  23. Arbogaste394

    Speravo suonassi anche Generale – PFM!!
    Comunque great job!

  24. XboxSkateVids

    I’d honestly love to see a full hot for teacher cover from him.

  25. manu funk

    troppo scemo sei ahahahahahah… a-ah a-ah

  26. MrBasilpants

    As always, you’re a fuckin boss!

  27. kidveal

    Great idea, nice job.

  28. ryotaMichiro

    Need someone to ask COBUS for a drum duet with VADRUM! 😀

  29. Connor Putnam

    I was hoping you would do some Dream Theater. Such a classic Drum intro! So SICK!

  30. uc1hamadara13

    The blink effects made me high

  31. 7351jean

    bosen broooo….

  32. onofrio daniele caldarella

    Sei un grande

  33. Rok Gulič

    Loved it! 

  34. NutKiller123


  35. JRchio

    Una obra de arte!! demasiado bueno, mezclado a la perfeccion

  36. Chris DeChiara


  37. NordicDolphin

    MEGADETH ! <3

  38. veliz1

    To bad I don’t know most of the songs on here !! Bad ass playing though.

  39. Lic. Francisco Fuentes

    Fuuuck only 76.000 views ??? 

  40. rendellkake

    Shit!! Dude, you can always suprise me! That was freakin’ beutiful for ears and eyes! Thank you VaDrum!! Love u always!