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Sons and Daughters of Abraham “As a Jewish convert, you are particularly beloved by Gd — even more so than myself or the rabbi that converted you!” “May your conversion be a very good start off for a new life, and go from power to strength.”

Free of charge this week at our chabad keep:

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  1. FrequencyCurve

    In short, who is your Messiah and what do you know about that certainty? What can you say with definition and clarity, and purpose? 🙂 If you can, then you know you’re giving a quality to something that you really can’t define. And that’s okay, because that’s part of being human and existence, and that we can say with certainty. 😀

  2. FrequencyCurve

    Oh and, curiously, ISRAEL= Is=Isis; Ra=Ra the sun god of Egypt, curious also connected to the understanding of Yeshua/Jesus who evolved from Dionysus of Greece; El=El, Elohim…G-d. If you’re interested in learning more about Yeshua (Aramaic) and Jesus, please look up Tom Harpur, University of Toronto, scholar, theologian, professor and ordained Anglican/Church of England minister <---The evolution from the Roman Catholic Church because of Henry VIII and wanting to succeed for divorce. 🙂

  3. FrequencyCurve

    Faith and belief aside, that’s unethical and immoral as a human being.

  4. FrequencyCurve

    Zion, Zionism, current statehood of Israel, (*he who struggles with man and G-d, and wins) should not exist. Two references: The Tower of Babel; The diaspora. Etc. And I certainly will NEVER support terrorist regimes such as Zionism and eugenics and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and those of Ibrahim/Islam, ever.

  5. FrequencyCurve

    Huh?? I have no idea what you’re talking about and seeing as my comment was removed I can no longer refer back to what I said. If you want a response I suggest you don’t flag other posters as spam or remove their comments, it’s simple concept, but it works 😉 I really have no idea what you define as a “Messiah” seeing as Judaism doesn’t acknowledge or describe what a current being/Messiah would be, to Judaism no Messiah exists as of yet, nor has a Messiah returned, therefore Zion nonresistant.

  6. FrequencyCurve

    @FrequencyCurve @jonniyGOYIM :/

  7. FrequencyCurve

    @FrequencyCurve er *wildly used.

  8. FrequencyCurve

    @Yesamuel oh sorry, here you are hehe It was used as part of his nick, he/she obviously understood this words Yiddish roots and perhaps what it implied. It could be a humorous observation of self or a weird mistake on his/her behalf, but words/terms carry meanings and can convey hurt when its known wildly by Zionists and its usage against Christians.

  9. FrequencyCurve

    @Yesamuel Sorry I was unable to find where I could respond to your question about this term and its implied meaning :/ Goy, Goyim=Gentile, modern usage and most often said with a derogatory slant, non-jew.

  10. QQQCQC

    Check this out:



    So whats about the jewish DNA? 🙂

  11. Yesamuel

    So what is the “derogatory term” ? Tell me! Show me where is he saying this?

  12. CarmineFragione

    Name the messiah, since you reject Jesus. and call me a liar, go ahead I challenge you all, if you have seen God, tell us so, who is the Messiah according to you, And name the Jew today who is High Priest of Israel, according to Moses’ Law, Name him, that’s all, let us all in on your little secret that you reject Jesus and say I am lying. Go ahead, I challenge you, if you claim to know God, then tell me who is Messiah ,other than Jesus , that you think I would ever believe in. !

  13. CarmineFragione

    So, give me the name of a modern Judaism Jew or person, however you wish to label , that has seen God. so, go ahead, prove me a liar, name the name of the Messiah among the Jews, who have already rejected Jesus. You want bad to prove I lied ? Go ahead, name the name of Messiah other than Jesus and name the Jew living today who has seen God. Perhaps you can succeed in proving I lied, go ahead, name the Jew living today, whom you claim have ever seen God, and rejects Jesus, go ahead,

  14. FrequencyCurve

    He does understand Yiddish, he’s used the derogatory term of, “Goyim” as you have a Yiddish and Hebrew moniker too 😉 Silly. Hypocrites.

  15. FrequencyCurve

    Liar. “…Nor bear false witness”, our commandments, or have you forgotten those? What makes you, a Jew? Our mtDNA? Our haplogroup K? Our Y-DNA line of J? Explain your essence. There is NO Zion. There is NO Jewish state, because no messiah has *come. How can you promote falsehood and indoctrination yourself and not even understand the hypocrisy of this dichotomy. I believe the Christians say, in John the Baptist: “Those who call themselves Jews but are NOT. They are of the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN”.

  16. ComradeAgopian

    I’m Christian , and I do not try and convert anyone . I came to see a vid on Rebbe Scheerson , who was a great man of God , and an example to all honest people .

  17. Yesamuel

    Fake translate? So learn yiddish or german then you will understand it… Whats about english? You understand it?

  18. jonniy goyim

    FAKE translate zionism

  19. ameen hassan

    There Was a Rabbi at the time of the prophet who embraced islam.His name was IbnSalam. When he died the prophet came to his funeral and said that seventy thousand angels have decended from the sky for the death of Ibn Salam. He also said that the throne of ALAH/ELOHEM shook for the death of Ibn Salam. This is because he followed the truth when he found it. Be like IbnSalam and follow the truth when you find it. Have a look at “Jewish man explains ALAH” Mohamed prophase in tora” on youtube

  20. Sparda849

    To learn how to receive the Holy Spirit, go to my channel, then go to repent5610.wordpress, then go to “Is God’s words powerful? How do we receive the Holy Spirit?”

  21. CarmineFragione

    The Prophetic Time, 12 Judges times 40yrs each Generation is 480yrs. Times Three Passes by that Lord said until Messiah. Three Worships times Twelve Judges, times 40yrs per Generation is 1400 yrs. So, the first pass by, 480yrs after Exodus, 966 B.C. Solomon, saw God visit Temple, 480yrs again, God put Plumb Line in Zerubbabel’s hand to build Temple in 486B.C. Another third Pass of Divine Time, is 6 B.C. Christ Conceived in Holocaust of Passover, and born December 25, nine months later

  22. CarmineFragione

    Daniel’s “Seventy Sevens” ’til Messiah is 490 yrs, the Divine Measure from 1446 B.C. Exodus is 12 Judgments over 12 Generations of 40 yrs. is 480 yrs. With the Jubilee Year every 50th year Sabbatical, 480 divided by 50 is 9 1/2 yrs. to make Daniel Nine’s 490yrs. ten yrs after Daniel is Zerubbabel’s Temple in 486 B.C. which was 480 yrs after Solomon’s Temple in 966 B.C. which was 480 yrs after Exodus 1446 B.C. In 6 B.C. the Jews knew the Messiah was coming, and they cut off their Messiah

  23. CarmineFragione

    When was Messiah to come ? Abraham knew God swore the Oath Three Times in the Holocaust, as the Ancient One. 1446 B.C. Exodus, God appeared in the tent of skins, and swore to pass by Israel Three Times to bring Messiah. A divine time is 12 Judges , judging each one generation of 40 yrs. 12X40 is 480 Yrs. times three is 1400 yrs to Messiah. 1446B.C. to 966 B.C.Solomon’s Temple, that is one 480yr measure. another 480yr measure is 486 B.C. Zerubbabel’s Temple, One last pass by, 6 B.C. Christ

  24. CarmineFragione

    There is no harassment from myself, I am reading what the Bible says. So, you are talking to God, and you are telling God to zip His Lips. You are in danger of the Judgment, because you have rejected the Torah and Prophets and have gathered to yourself a collective divinity of Rabbis from Mystery Babylon. I believe God is not going to zip His lips or stop for your sake. You have to decide if you believe in the Rabbis or if you believe in God, That is your decision, not mine.

  25. Yitzy Emet

    STOP with all your harrasment! zip your lips.