Drum Accessories: Drumming Up Your Containment Solutions

Drums are a major staple in a lot of industries today. From food to manufacturing, drums are used to contain a variety of substances such as chemicals or even hazardous waste. These various applications stem from the fact that among those available in the market today, many of these drums are the toughest containment solution to protect these substances.
However, while they are tough, theyre not necessarily indestructible. These drums can also be punctured, scratched, or even eventually corrode from the same chemicals they contain and protect from the elements. And they are not exactly the easiest kinds of containers to handle they are big, bulky, and may even be very heavy making the transfer of chemicals from drum to drum such a massive chore.
Because of these reasons, many companies want to maximize the lifespan of these drums. Thats why a whole range of drum accessories have been created to help lengthen the lifespan of these drums, without compromising their integrity. Some accessories have also been created to help employees manage these drums and their content more efficiently.
Here are two very popular examples of these drum accessories:
Drum liners A drum liner helps lengthen the lifespan of a drum by minimizing the contact between the substance and the drum, especially if the said substance is actually volatile. One good example is the anti-static drum liner. Since one of the tougher kinds of drums is the steel drum, they are used to store flammable material. However, steel can conduct electricity, and even a small spark of static electricity can ignite the chemical inside. To take advantage of a steel drums toughness and yet prevent these accidents, an anti-static drum liner is necessary to provide electrical insulation.
Drum liners are also a must for a more efficient workplace. For example, some drum liners work like the everyday garbage bag inside a garbage can in an average household. Once the substance inside the drum has been all used up, all an employee needs to do is to remove the liner. That minimizes and may even eliminate the need to clean up the drum before reusing, enabling the company time, energy and money.
Another example is the polypropylene drum liner. These liners help keep steel drums cool, even if a hot substance will be stored. This ensures another level of protection for the employees in charge of the chemical and the drum, apart from just simply wearing personal protective equipment.
Patch repair kits In an industrial setting, there are several different kinds of machinery or equipment that can easily puncture or tear a steel drum. Sometimes, even a forklift can accidentally puncture the drum its supposed to transport. To prepare for the worst case scenario that a drum actually fails because of a tear or a puncture, patch repair kits are available. They are important for temporarily plugging leaks in standard, low pressure drums to help manage a spill. These kits can contain screw and t-patches, epoxy putty, ball plugs, etc.

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