Elon Gold Opening Monologue Chabad Telethon 2008

Elon Gold opens the Chabad Telethon 2008 with a side splitting opening monologue.

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7 Responses to Elon Gold Opening Monologue Chabad Telethon 2008

  1. MrFinsforlife

    Fuck this dumb Jew. Go back to Israel you schmuck´╗┐

  2. ciciken


  3. Pedram Mans

    whats chabad? is it like fondraising?

  4. hahaheheoi


  5. Jim Antoniou

    Below is clear evidence of at least 3 people who were dropped on their head
    in childbirth.

  6. forensicduck

    This guy is going to be on Bones.

  7. contactw