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It’s human nature to want what we can’t have, don’t have, or haven’t had in a while. It’s also our nature as women to ignore the guys that want us the most. The guy that sends you flowers and loving texts and e-mail all day isn’t nearly as appealing as the guy that blows us off every once in a while, the guy that likes us but could also live without us.

Now, this is only true in the beginning. I wouldn’t recommend getting a girlfriend then treating her like garbage, while it may be entertaining for the rest of us it’s not going to be very funny to you.

If you want to get a girl’s attention, and nothing seems to be working stop showing so much desire. I’m not saying to blow this girl off completely but don’t show her that she can have you at any second she so chooses. Be flirty and fun, don’t forget to smile at her. Don’t go out of your way to invite her out, let her wonder what you’re up to this weekend.

Make sure that she overhears you talking to your friends about going out to a certain bar, restaurant, or club this weekend. This is going to make her think about you going out with your friends, if she likes you at all this is going to spark her interests. It’s probably not a good idea to be mean about it, or rub it in her face. That just makes you seem immature.

Playing hard to get is under-rated. It’s not about being a jerk and mean to women, it’s about getting the woman to put in a little effort as well. With BOTH people trying to attract each other there’s a good chance that something great will come out of it.

Self control is priceless. Hot women are hit on all the time, so to get her attention you have to be different. Talking to her as a friend/buddy/confidant is going to get you further than fawning over her and telling her how gorgeous she is.

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