How to Meet a Girl

Before you go out to meet girls remember this, you’re not desperate. You’re not going to show any girl under any circumstance that your life is incomplete without her. The only place that’s going to get you is shut down.

Let her know that you’re alive. You’re living breathing creature that has a vocal box, and is fully capable of using it. Wherever you are (bar, club, restaurant, picnic, concert, etc.) she’s going to have to notice you. If she makes eye contact with you flash a quick smile. Smiling is the universal sign of “I’m approachable!”

When you do talk to this girl don’t use cheesy pick up lines, they don’t work. As soon as the line comes out of a guys mouth she stops listening. He’s no longer a guy she met, he’s some pervert trying to get into her pants. You don’t want to be that pervert, she probably carries mace.

Proper conversation material is always something neutral. Talk to her as if you just want to be friends, this helps her let her guard down and actually pay attention to you. Remember, you’re still playing hard to get so don’t go asking her for a date yet. If you do want to compliment her don’t make any silly comments about how she fell from heaven or her eyes sparkle. Everybody’s eyes sparkle when you’re in a crowded club with flashing lights, nice try.

Comment on how she looks, she has dimples, or that you really like her group of friends they’re hilarious! The point of offering a compliment is to flatter her (with something original) and make her smile.

Last but not least. Get away while you still can! Don’t give her an opening to reject you. Give her YOUR number. Say something like, “Well, I’ve got to go get my buddy Mike and make sure he gets home okay. But hey, there’s this great concert this weekend that a bunch of us are going to. You should go with us, and make sure to bring your friends too they seem cool. Here’s my number…” After giving her your number promptly walk away. And don’t forget to flash that smile, you sexy man you!

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