How to Succeed in Forum Marketing

The first thing you need to consider on in forum marketing is not to join a forum and immediately insert signature links in your signature file and begin submitting posts, this will only give the impression of spamming instead of genuinely contributing to the forum.

The proper way to join a forum is to first introduce yourself and engage in some conversation and make about 5-10 posts with genuine content. This will appear to the forum members that you are providing value to the forum and after a few days you can now insert your signature file. Also you should never post any links that are self promoting in the body of your post: this will label you as someone who spams and eventually you will be banned from the forum.

Now, let’s get into what to look for when joining a forum. Typically you should choose forums that have a large community; this will insure that you will be getting plenty of traffic to your signature file providing that you are active in the forum. You also should be consistent with your posts; about 5-10 posts a day should be your goal, in a month that’s 150-300 posts and remember to be consistent month after month.

Another factor that you should consider in Forum Marketing is never argue with a forum member no matter what yours or their opinion is, if you want to keep a reputation of providing valuable content then you must follow this rule.

There are six tasks you must perform if you want to learn How to Succeed in Forum Marketing

1. Knowing when to insert your signature
2. Provide valuable content
3. Always avoid spamming
4. Submit 5-10 posts per day
5. Never argue with forum members
6. Be consistent

You will, over time, become noted as an expert on various discussions and themes in the forum. People naturally will go to your website and see what else you have to offer through your signature file.

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