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This article will show you how you can use website forums to build your list of subscribers and make some good money out of it. A most important factor in getting people to subscribe to your list is: relevancy or appropriate content. Your readers must be interested in your product in order for them to want to want to subscribe to get it. Therefore, you have to find relevant websites, blogs, and forums, then establish yourself as an authority, then earn their trust, and then sell your products to them.

The Power is in Forums There are hundreds and thousands of forums that cover almost every subject you can imagine. So, you will have to find forums which are relevant to your niche product you plan to sell or even give away. I know, you think: I know that! But it is a good thing to always keep this in mind as your write. If your product is about dogs, find forums about dogs. If your product is about buying local business or real estate, find forums about investing. Your target product must match the interests of the forums , since it is interested in a particular product. Keep this in mind when you join a forum or your efforts may be wasted.

An Example For instance in the list builder secrets manual , the author targeted the “scrap-booking” making and market. Then, he targeted forums and interested readers mailing lists that discussed scrap-booking, then he earned their trust, then offered a product that these readers were looking for. Even though you may not be into scrap-booking, but the point is that the author proved that.

No Matter what your Niche is It doesn’t really matter what niche or hobby you target. If you apply similar methods to any hobby, you can make a good income. Once you have found yourself a product you want to offer, go to Google and start your research for relevant forums in your niche. Clue: Search for forums. After you find some forum relevant to your product, join these and introduce yourself as an expert, an authority. If you introduce yourself as a newbie, that is how you will be treated! Plus, it will take you a lot of work in postings to make others trust you.

Be the “welcoming committee” To begin with, start by being very helpful, as well as being the “welcoming committee”. Most forums have an introduction page forum, so when you notice a new member join the forum, answer to their post with a warm welcome message. You may even ask them where they are from or even what they like or dislike. You will earn their respect and your post visit counting will increase. As a rule, the more posts you have, the more of an expert or authority you become.

Don’t Be a Spam ! You want to keep a good reputation and earn members their trust. Only and only then should you make an attempt to directly offer your product or product to them. Essentially, become part of the forum community first, so it doesn’t look like you joined just to sell your product. Which in fact is spam, and some forums are very clear about it.

Brand Your name with your signature Another reason to target forums is the mighty and powerful “signature”. Your signature is crucial and vital for your list building success and you should create your signature as soon as possible. The more posts you write, the more times your signature will be viewed and possibly clicked on to visit your blog or site. Even search engines see your signature! Therefore remember to “optimize” your signature if you can. Make it interesting and trigger their curiosity!

Come on! Go out there and just do it! By now you have got the most important tools to start building your list! Your next step is to decide in doing it. Let me tell you: The longer you wait, the less subscribers you will get! I recommend you take a day and go over all of the article again. If it is something you think you would want to try, then this should be an easy choice to make. If not now, then atleast you have now the knowledge to decide if you want to do it later on.

I hope that this list building little secret and my mini crash-course will inspire you to start building your own list. It is not so difficult to start and the reward can be really big.

Success to You!

Emrick Garam is a marketer and likes to share his knowledge.

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