Major concerns in urban planning

It’s pretty hard to ascertain exactly how the first city came into being and grows into a large metropolitan area. In most cases, it was a natural process and not something planned by human civilization. However, there are many instances when cities were properly planned and built in accordance to those plans with some preconceived requirements. From Alexandria and Harappa to New Orleans and Ipoh, many cities are carefully planned while keeping in mind the issues like safety, transportation or overcrowding. Not all of these cities achieve the required objectives, but more often than not, a planned city functions better than the cities that were developed into large metropolitans without human intervention. Urban planners try to make effective use of land and other resources to come up with a well planned settlement, which offers good economic and social environment for its inhabitants. Remember, that urban planning is not always carried out before a city takes form, it can be used effectively in remodeling, expansion, or improving the living conditions in an existing city. Following are some of the basic concerns that must be considered in urban planning. Safety: Safety is undoubtedly the biggest intent; it includes protection against all sorts of threats such as natural disasters (flood, earthquake or storms) or defense related issues (which were particularly important in ancient days where the entire cities were built inside some protective walls). Many theories suggest that urban planning can also be used to keep the crime rate in check. In addition to this, one must take into account the environmental hazards like pollution or industrial waste. Transportation & Traffic: Recently, many newly developed cities are facing huge problems related to the transportation and traffic. Take the case of Dubai as an example, where a rapid increase in population and a sudden influx of thousands of new vehicles resulted in traffic jams and unavailability of parking space. This situation is detrimental for both businesses and individuals. Therefore, the urban planners must plan the city in a way that high density areas are situated near the transportation means that can carry high volume of traffic (buses or metro stations), to manage the traffic in rush hours. Others: Planners must also be concerned about the availability of basic necessities including clean drinking water, electricity, sewerage system and recreational activities. They must allow for the possibility of future expansions or reconstruction, and last but not the least, the overall aesthetic value of the city.

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