Mariam and Sarah’s Jewish Conversion – Mikvah and Tevilah

Mariam and Sarah's Jewish Conversion - Mikvah and Tevilah

This was my conversion ceremony with my little one lady following a 12 months of Jewish Info class. I studied at Temple Sholom with Rabbi Bregman and my Tevilah was …

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Learn how the Jewish artwork of the mikvah operates. Video from
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20 Responses to Mariam and Sarah’s Jewish Conversion – Mikvah and Tevilah

  1. Kaasko

    Dear friend, even in a way we can compare the mikveh to a washer machine, is not quite the same, regular shawer will be better comparation with a washer machine, but mikbeh is something else.
    i could be more extense on this subjet, …than simple, better, the same filosophy of baal shem tov.
    mesianic front for the world lliberation

  2. TheToilet911

    if you dont trust your wife if shes pure or not, you should do it inside ?

  3. Kaasko

    Can you make a smater question?

  4. TheToilet911

    can u have sex inside mikew ?


    It is spelled “MIKVEH”

  6. breeeegs

    The Mikvah is used to purify oneself before holy days, not only for the purposes of conversion

  7. breeeegs

    Jews go into the water which cleanses you physically and spiritually before the sabbath or any other holy day. Really terrifying, I know.

  8. thekingofassholes

    theproudONE92 “I really recommend you folks put YOUR PRIDE DOWN and look into islam”. What an arrogant comment is that?!
    What about putting your own pride down?
    Everywhere people of all faiths are harrassed by intimidating muslims making up stories to get them into their death cult

  9. theproudONE92

    I have great reverence for the laws and teachings of Judaism. But I really recommend you folks put your pride down and look into Islam. I have a few friends who were Jewish and now Muslim. It’s not much of a chance but a very necessary one. Research the teachings of Islam and see what you conclude. Salam and Shalom fellow people of the book.

  10. Avi Hisdaughter

    I cannot hear this instructions. I had to hold the speaker to my ear.


    Hey look! It’s the building where jewish women go to get insulted once a month!

  12. Jewish NotChabadish

    there is nothing nasty in that Jewish prayer. since you are clearly a gentile i suggest you consult an actual Jew about what i wrote. sorry if you thought you were Jewish and your mother turned out to be a fine hasidshiksa.

  13. Yitzy Emet

    why do you have to be so nasty?! i hope you realize sir that you are a coward because you hide behind a camera when you commit lashon hara.

  14. LouisBellton

    You did a great job. Thank you

  15. taniajosefa

    Same thing, but in English translation.

  16. nilufer1980

    Fur Elise

  17. theafrodude22

    naked!! everyone get naked and mikvah!! naked mikvah fun. skinny dip in the ocean!!! naked!!! naked fun!!! lets get naked and go for a dip!!! naked!!! yeah naked!!! in the nude, dude!! naked!!!

  18. chodeshadar18

    Very poor sound quality. The technical/halachic details are completely unheard! Please repost with better sound!

  19. Jewish NotChabadish

    As we Jews say before using a mikva…

    ברוך אתה ה’ אלוהינו מלך העולם שלא עשני ליובאוויטשערברו


    ברוך אתה ה’ אלוהינו מלך העולם שלא עשני נ נח

  20. Will Hindsman

    Anybody know a better vid on this subject?