Maroon 5 – Sugar – Drum Cover w/ two Drummers! Ft. J-Will

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Video Rating: four / five

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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35 Responses to Maroon 5 – Sugar – Drum Cover w/ two Drummers! Ft. J-Will

  1. Staszek Gregor

    Too much Casey, too little J-Will :/
    But in overall cover is amazing 🙂 

  3. Isaiah Freeman

    Play some Twenty one Pilots

  4. nnathangrahamm

    That one fill at 2:01 is better than anything Casey did in the entire

  5. Talshyn Lee

    Omg! I enjoyed watching it so much *^* You guys look like best friends from
    a good comedy 😀 

  6. Ben Charter

    Hey cooper, you religous?

  7. andrian arif

    standard fill up,nothing special, dont know why youre famous. better go
    check jeremy davis drum cover,thanks.

  8. Trey Lorenzini

    welcome to the under 301 views club!

  9. TEE Knox

    what is a “w/ 2” ??

  10. Radio ℓix

    “Maroon 5 – Sugar” Special #CoverDrum

  11. Sam S

    I like those kits, they’re very clear sounding and nice looking :D

  12. Daniel L.J.

    Please touches of Rage Again The Machine

  13. MrEwalo

    aunque sin móvil, pero muy buen vídeo para este martes bendecido y

  14. Erik Bear

    Mate, this is killer!

  15. Craig Collier

    Do some Clean Bandit songs.

  16. william Taylor

    J-will follows me on Instagram if you wanna check me out got to

  17. Reyniel Jansen Monteloyola

    Try some more drum synchronization. Coz it seems that you two are doing the
    same thing tbh.

  18. Dovid Kohn

    1st of all, awesome job dude! 2nd of all, let’s here some “Diary of Jane”.

  19. Maud van S


  20. Gamer_Drummer

    Hey Cooper, you excited about the new RHCP album this year? (hopefully)

  21. Sign Velo

    I really wish i knew how they remove the drums 

  22. Lucas Kane

    I want start playing drums, more than ever since checking you out, Cobus!
    any tips to help me? ANYTHING would be appreciated! I’m going to start
    playing very soon, thanks a lot!

  23. Scott Bainbridge

    I love the way the 18″ AAX crash sounds!

  24. mike wellington

    Cobus will always be the king of YouTube drum covers.

  25. Colton Frausell

    Anyone know what he is using as overheads to capture the cymbals? 

  26. pimpfru

    It is always a pleasure to see how one do anything as nicely as you did
    with the drums. )

  27. whitedevil2

    i never knew he was triplets

  28. JuJu Z

    oh my god! what i just heard is a new level of awesomeness!!! O_O two
    words, LOVED-THIS!!!

  29. Jim Ryan

    I couldn’t pay to get the kind of happiness that’s all over your face, bro.
    Man that’s amazing.. You’ve got my subscription, and I dont sub to many.

  30. Roran109

    Holy crap, how many Go Pros do you have there?

  31. beeniefide

    I still prefer Matt Widen’s cover of this but this isn’t very far behind.
    At all.

  32. Jesus Alvarado

    I dont even know that Alvaro Morata play Drums 😀 Lol

  33. Jeannie Hoots

    I miss seeing you so bad, your drumming technique is un-flipping
    believable!!! So I watch your re-runs just to get my fulfillment Thank you
    Cobus for sharing your talent with all of us..

  34. Guilherme Mendes

    Do you guys know which stick signature is he using in this video?

  35. Edgar Martinez

    Why did you go from TRX to Sabian?