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My Walk Via Maidan Square
Guys stare at you quietly as you pass by way of, sizing you up, and taking long careful drags from their cigarettes. Some put on uniforms, some are topless, and some are wearing pedestrian clothes. Outdated women in smart trench coats and floral scarves around …
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Halachically Speaking (Specific Edition): Bedikas Chametz
Refer to Siddur Yaavetz 2:page 26:7. Some have the customized to dress in great garments for the bedika (Piskei Teshuvos 431:1). [five] Refer to Mishnah Pesachim 2a, Gemorah Pesachim 4a, Yerushalmi Pesachim one:five, Rambam Hilchos Chometz U&#39matzah two:three, Tur 431,&nbsp…
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