Q&A: Anyone see Rachel Maddow last evening?

Question by Priscilla: Anyone see Rachel Maddow last evening?
Pompous ass David Frum tried to insult her plus insinuate which she was because responsible for the damaging tone of the campaign because McCain & Co. Rachel wrasseled him to the ground! She’s awesome!

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Answer by chris954
I LOVE her show. She absolutely told him!

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6 Responses to Q&A: Anyone see Rachel Maddow last evening?

  1. BOKO

    Frum was trying to get her goat and get her to agree to have Wolfowitz on her show. Unfortunately she said maybe. Wolfowitz! Talk about resurrecting a zombie for Halloween.

  2. Centauri

    Yes I saw that, I thought he was very rude. There is nothing wrong with the way she conducts herself on her own show. I personally think she does very well at her job that is why I watch it. Rachel is awesome!

  3. semper_paratus_1776


  4. Elvira J

    does it seem like the republicans are getting desperate and lashing out and blaming everyone BUT their own lame candidate and moron of a running mate?

  5. teener501

    Haha yes. Rachel is one of the most intelligent people on TV. She should have pulled a Palin and yelled sexism. LOL

  6. icanyes

    I love Rachel. I see her show every night.