Q&A: Why will not MESSIANIC JEWS who return to Judaism have to be re-converted?

Query by : Why don’t MESSIANIC JEWS who return to Judaism have to be re-converted?
I read where Messianic Jews, if returning to Judaism, do not have to go by means of a formal conversion.

Really, I never want someone’s ‘ideas’ I need to know the reality and have it referenced. I will be quoting this to someone and need to know what I’m saying.

Halakha references would be beneficial. So would Talmud.
There are sources that indicate that such folks, even though still regarded as Jewish, must undergo a formal ceremony of commitment to Judaism in purchase to be regarded suspicion-free of charge. This ceremony will not be equivalent to a complete conversion, but it is nonetheless essential in accordance to Rabbinic sources.

Source: http://www.chavurahmasarti.org/Spinoza.htm
But if one wishes to return to Judaism, the return is created straightforward as an act of compassion. . .

You have been born Jewish, but feel in one more religion, and want to be recognized as a Jew? That is simple! Simply reject your other belief method, and come home to the reality and elegance of Standard Judaism

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Answer by J.P.
If the man or woman was legitimately Jewish prior to becoming a “messie”, all that would be required in most instances would be particular purification rites (immersion in mikvah) and a renounciation of their “messie” beliefs in front of a Biet Din.

Nonetheless, most of the members of that movement had been in no way legitimately Jewish so do indeed have to undergo formal conversion if they later on want to turn into actual Jews.

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4 Responses to Q&A: Why will not MESSIANIC JEWS who return to Judaism have to be re-converted?

  1. Lone Ranger, following Christ

    Can you link or post the source of this information?

  2. Yeshua saves!

    J.P. has a point, but doesn’t expond properly.

    The Sages determined, ‘Even if he has sinned, he remains of Israel'” (Akedat Yiẓḥak (Venice, 1573), 258b no. 97, Ki-Teẓe).

    …..Prevailing halakhic opinion [Which you wanted to know] throughout the ages has always considered the apostate ‘a Jew’ for all purposes of obligations, ties, and possibilities given to a Jew, but denying him some specific legal rights, in particular in the economic sphere, and in the performance of certain honorary or symbolic acts.

    In terms of conscience and consensus of opinion Jewish society regarded the apostate up to the 18th century as “dead”. However now as proscribed from the Jewish community, considering him as the very essence of ‘desertion’ and ‘treason’ yet still a Jew.

    So if he/she left Judaism to be a Messianic Jew and returned to rabbinic Judaism, no conversion is necessary because he was technically a Jew.

  3. Hudie

    The Holy Siddur (prayer book) says in the Shemonah Esreh prayer we say 3 times a day – “Bring us back to Your Torah, bring us close to Your service, and return us to complete teshuvah before You.”

    The real Jew – born to a Jewish mother – can always come back. The person in question must become a Baal Teshuva, a person to whom the desire to become closer to the Torah is more than just words, but in a complete lifestyle change. A conversion is a changing of status to be included into what they never had before – but a person born to Judaism already has a promise from Hashem – that even if s/he is cut off from the people, through teshuva s/he can always come back.

  4. Mashiach's Wife

    Whatever you were reading from is incorrect. Any Jew who converts to Christianity would be required to become a “Baal Teshuva” (master of the return), renounce idolatry, and move forward as a Jew. While Christian, they are Apikoros (apostate) and may not identify as Jewish, be buried in a Jewish cemetery, or go forward for Aliyah, etc. etc.. They are no longer Jewish. Families sit Shiva as if they had died.

    As a non-Jew you cannot make halacha to decide who is recognized as a Jew and who is not whether you were once Jewish, never Jewish, or if you leave Judaism. Apikoros (heretics) are not considered Jewish as long as they are Christian, etc., (except of course by Christian sources trying to cuckoo nest Judaism).

    Edit: Your sources added are from Christian Identity and Militia groups.