Query to Jewish Chabad: Is the Lubavitcher Rebbe nevertheless considered Messiah?

Query by Stunning Smile: Query to Jewish Chabad: Is the Lubavitcher Rebbe nevertheless regarded Messiah?
In the name of Halacha, which it claims to carry out authentically, Chabad proclaims its deceased rabbi to be the royal Messiah and the embodiment of God, who will rise from the dead to do what he did not do in his initial daily life on earth.

Is this statement true in the eyes of the Jewish Chabad?

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Reply by Blooper
I do not believe he “rose” to the event…

What do you consider? Response below!

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3 Responses to Query to Jewish Chabad: Is the Lubavitcher Rebbe nevertheless considered Messiah?

  1. SheyneinNH

    That’s not strictly true.

    ChaBaD has not officially proclaimed the late R. Schneerson to the the messiah, and there appears to be a wide divergence of opinion, even within ChaBaD, on this question.

    It’s complicated, but this discussion seems to cover it pretty well:

    The old saying is still true “Three Jews, four opinions”!

  2. Yeremiahu Yonteff

    The Rebbe being the messiah was never a mainstream view among Lubavitcher jews or anyone else, the Rebbe not only never made any such claim but spent a great amount of time dispelling this rumor as he knew the amount of harm it would do. I’m surprised to even hear it come up after all this time, its usually just a ploy to slander Lubavitcher jews and no longer has even a shred of reality pertaining to the movement…

    So no, nobody thinks the Rebbe is the messiah, at least not anyone in good mental health…

  3. Ms

    This statement is false according to most of the Chabad world. When I say most I mean by the over 4,000 Chabad centers around the world you will not hear that statement from them.