Rachel Maddow Bitchslaps the gop – April 2011

Rachel Maddow Bitchslaps the gop - April 2011

The lovely and brilliant Rachel Maddow explains how republican politicians operate by supporting corporate America over Americans. A fairly evident point …
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17 Responses to Rachel Maddow Bitchslaps the gop – April 2011

  1. 487shawn

    I am not trying to be funny, I really really hope your right, but what I
    see is a lot of trouble, money and with all of Obama’s advantages there is
    only a 3 -5 point advantage, and with women supporting Obama 7 out of 10 it
    just takes those republican women to return to the fold and its over for
    Obama, and between now and the election our corporate master will spend
    whatever it takes to make this happen! will all that has gone on Obama is
    at his highest at 51 percent this is way to close!

  2. syntaxed2

    I have heard this idea before. Problem is it would take us into a second
    civil war. With that said, we are hands down the most galvanized and
    divided society in the west, half the population cant stand the other half,
    so I think we are walking that path anyway.

  3. mccainisthroughX


  4. David Johnson

    Wow! A lucid point (several actually), and no colorful adjectives, or
    stomach churning hyperbole…Impressive…Just the facts…What a novel
    concept for debating on the internet…Well done…

  5. 4yurself

    laughing, good for you.. i worked for them and was amazed at the inner
    going ons..its sad there is a committee that determines your care,, inside
    the insurance.. and yes, once they have paid enough..then, they dont want
    to pay or they make you fight until they do pay..(most give up)

  6. Les Subrick

    I love your post! Thank you!

  7. e1ghtball

    I like having a different viewpoint, but I wish people would stop calling
    the ‘liberals’ the ‘left’. The US political system has no left wing. It has
    far right and centre right.

  8. mccainisthroughX

    @somersetdc Nice!

  9. mccainisthroughX

    @somersetdc Well said …

  10. 487shawn

    seen this story before in the second term of Regan who was also failing
    miserably and out spent everyone, just got this gut feeling with the
    millions and maybe billions pouring in on the repulicans this is going to
    end badly, i really hope your right, but have seen to may time’s in
    elections this happen!

  11. Jim Hicks

    Our political system is simple. If you have the money you can buy whatever
    you want.

  12. Vladimir Wardell

    🙂 My two cents: Leave “private enterprise” as is with a couple of major
    changes. Have only one “Bank” per nation, i.e. ‘The Bank of The United
    States’. “Energy” and “Resources” should be owned and operated by ‘The Bank
    of The United States’. Instead of “Military Service” have individuals
    serves in energy and resource procurement organisations for four years.
    When ‘service’ is over go get a loan from the national bank and start your
    own business doing whatever you choose. Interest pays taxes.

  13. mccainisthroughX

    @26yearstoorion Can’t be read enough times …

  14. DigitalGrotto

    Get a shave, a haircut and some antiperspirant and maybe someone will
    listen to what comes out of your pie hole.

  15. Noah David Simon

    yes I realize Maddow is on MSNBC now. I don’t watch TV. I get the clips
    from youtube. I don’t care what channel she is on

  16. kcp12304

    So John Stewart is equivalent to the angry mobs that are being enticed by
    right wing talk radio/Fox with their 9/11 conspiracy theory like logic they
    throw at Obama about him being a secret terrorist/socialist. Its easy to be
    against the “media elites” even if theyre lazy, retarded, inherently flawed
    but they just reflect the gullibility & ignorance of the people.
    Politicians and the media play off those angry nobodies. People need to
    look in the mirror sometimes.

  17. the430movie .

    Make Sure No Body Cares!!!! = MSNBC why do you think it has horrible