Rachel Maddow: LOL! New GOP INTEL Report: No BENGHAZI Scandal! Oops?

Eat this & CHOKE on it FOX News: Rachel reviews on the really quietly released “information dump” from the Republican-led Home Intelligence committee. After 2 many years …
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Rachel Maddow explains how Michigan Republicans are placing their radical laws into quick effect even though they don’t have adequate votes to do so and re…
Video Rating: four / 5

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20 Responses to Rachel Maddow: LOL! New GOP INTEL Report: No BENGHAZI Scandal! Oops?

  1. PlanetEarth Trimtab

    *House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi Report Torches Conspiracy Theories*
    “WASHINGTON — Yet another detailed investigation into the Sept. 11, 2012,
    attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, has refuted claims that
    there was a coverup or that officials didn’t do all they could at the time
    to save the four Americans killed that night.
    “The latest findings, released Friday, come from the declassified two-year
    investigation of the House Intelligence Committee, which conducted an
    exhaustive probe into the incident, including claims that the White House
    cooked up phony talking points for then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice.
    “The report did find that the State Department was unable to protect the
    facility in eastern Libya where Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others
    were killed, but also contradicts many of the charges leveled at the Obama
    administration in the days and years following the attacks.
    “Among its findings, the report says CIA personnel responded not just well,
    but heroically; that there was no “stand down” order, as some critics have
    claimed; there was no intimidation of witnesses by superiors; there was no
    intelligence failure prior to the attack; and that a “mixed group” of
    individuals, including some linked to al Qaeda, participated in the attack.
    “But perhaps the most significant conclusion is its finding that Rice’s
    talking points — a key focus of the Benghazi Select Committee empaneled by
    House Speaker John Boehner — were not part of an attempt to conceal the
    severity of the incident.”

  2. PlanetEarth Trimtab

    Eat this & CHOKE on it FOX News: Rachel reports on the very quietly
    released “news dump” from the Republican-led House Intelligence committee.
    After 2 years of GOP investigations and right-wing accusations of
    conspiracy and worse, they found NO WRONGDOING by Obama administration
    appointees. Oops!

  3. John Townsend

    The real Benghazi scandal is not the one GOPers like to talk about but it´s
    real and needs to be exposed for what it is. The GOP-dominated congress
    slashed the diplomatic security budget by half a billion dollars. Sec.
    Clinton warned that a 20+% cut like this was draconian, would undoubtedly
    hamper security efforts, and jeopardize the safety of diplomats. They
    ignored that warning and lives were indeed lost because of inadequate
    security. And the 2014 Ryan budget calls for another half billion dollar
    cut. The GOP has no scruples though ranting and raving about the scrambling
    that the Benghazi incident caused in the State Dep´t totally oblivious to
    their own culpability, and assessing blame on others. This is the height of
    shameful hypocrisy.

  4. Storm

    No shit!

  5. Cameron Lopez

    Democracy is one of the most overrated ideas in history.

  6. ray matters

    We dont live in a Democracy, we live in a elected Republic. She should know
    that “and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands one nation under God”.

  7. Joseph Parker

    I am an interesting person to comment on this. these Republicans have no
    real direct relation to the actual values of the foundation of the
    Republican Party. It was Republicans that was moved during slavery and the
    civil rights movement in the favor of the African Americans. I am disgusted
    by the state republican party. We in California are fighting our Democratic
    party doing the same kind of thing.

  8. Zoran Cosic

    Blame right winger fascist and their cronies, people get on pols and get
    rid off republicons comes November.

  9. Bill Kimp

    go get em Racheal

  10. Lavtrabia Lawson

    Willie u sound paranoid. Commies around every corner.

  11. D Walker

    Why forgive any republican discretions when the laws (or rules of the game)
    are being disregarded and bypassed. Anything that was enacted during the
    bastardization of the law is illegal, and should be ignored; restored to
    what it was originally, at the least, and the perpetrators punished.

  12. Lavtrabia Lawson

    Amerikkka has never been a Democracy.

  13. DJango Griffin

    we will get synder punk ass out of office

  14. Johnny B

    Elections have consequences people. 

  15. Willie Waycup

    And her bitching about Michigan republicans doing this and saying this isnt
    they way Michigan was set up is a joke its true but she says nothing about
    the illegality of obama who has bypassed and broken the law signing more
    executive orders than any president in history all eviscerating our bill of
    rights and constitution claiming he can for the same exact reason she the
    Mi republicans are she wont call him a dictator though. And the emergency
    management law exists from an Obama executive order.

  16. Craig Seamus

    I know i am going to sound dumb, BUT. why would any person, republican or
    otherwise be in favor of cookoo government. a government still has to
    more or less reasonable. 

  17. hepette

    i live under this bs with slimy snyder—the best thing we can do is to
    vote his nasty ass out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. SkyGodTwo

    Seems like Republicans crossed the line between ignorant to evil.

  19. james hill
  20. Pul5ar

    Perhaps you’d like to rejoin our monarchy? All is forgiven XD