Rachel Maddow Requires Final Of The Birthers To The Cleaners In Hilarious Section

Rachel Maddow Takes Last Of The Birthers To The Cleaners In Hilarious Segment

Heh, idiot birthers. Belongs to MSNBC.
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23 Responses to Rachel Maddow Requires Final Of The Birthers To The Cleaners In Hilarious Section

  1. clitmint

    She lays out the story from the view of assuming everything was planned out
    from the start, instead of made to fit the circumstances which of course
    fits reality and makes more sense.
    The driving force behind this in any case is COMMUNISM, so it is natural
    for communists to put their best card on the table.

  2. nomar manuel

    world net daily must be so embarrased, what a pathetic organization….guy
    releases birth certificate and u fucking double down…..like what the fuck
    !!!!!! thats when u know you’lll never win, because even when you give
    proof they will just double and triple, and quadruple down

  3. allihavetoofferis

    I’m not even an Obama fan, but this whole birth certificate thing, the
    Benghazi thing, etc., all make me feel obligated to defend him.
    Right-wingers attack him for all these wrong and/or made up reasons, and
    it’s truly pathetic.

  4. writerconsidered

    Constitutionally speaking if your going to have a law you need a means to
    enforce that law. Up until Obama no one has ever questioned whether a
    presidential candidate was in fact a natural born U.S. citizen. The birther
    debacle has clearly shown that from a legal
    standpoint we have a huge gap in the law. Unfortunately calmer heads have
    not prevailed
    to say hey we actually need to make a law to prevent this kind of stupidity

    I think it would be perfectly reasonable to have candidates running for
    president to file a birth certificate with the FEC along with all the other
    paperwork they need to file with the FEC to run. to close that gap.

    And when I say this, this is not coming from a person doubting president
    Obama’s origin of birth. This is strictly a technical matter to back up the
    constitution irregardless of who’s running.

  5. Ks Knight

    all of this is moot since the President SHOULD be born in the U.S. of
    CITIZEN parents…thats plural as in BOTH parents should be citizens of the
    U.S.,… for what should be OBVIOUS reasons unless you are completely
    fuckin stupid. AND what is so terrible about passing a law requiring ANY
    presidential candidate to produce a birth certificate?…you know for the
    future…I mean according to the constitution there can be no ex post facto
    so Barrack has nothing to worry about now. 

  6. georgia adams

    I think that this birth certificate agenda of the right wingers smacks of
    racism, bigotry and hate ! Do you think this would be a problem if the
    president was white??? I think not !! Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh are
    the biggest racists and bigots ever !!!!

  7. mydogdylan6

    The wingnuts will go into withdraw when the evil Kenyan boogy man is no
    longer in office. Nothing will have dramatically changed. No one will be
    waiving Mao books and marching through Red square. No secret negro armies
    will be rounding folks up for FEMA camps. No breakdown of American social
    structure. Even they realize that everything they were told was fabricated
    bullshi**, they’re way too fragile to acknowledge their own stupidity, so
    they’ll rationalize how they were right somehow. Otherwise, what will they
    do with all those stored munitions and freeze dried foods? Though their
    audiences are easily manipulated lemmings, I doubt the talk-show clowns can
    make Hillary appear as scary as the fictitious Barack Obama they created.
    She’s white.

  8. frethis555

    Since FactCheck.org “have now seen, touched, examined and photographed” the
    inferior short form birth certificate why didnt they check the superior
    long form birth certificate?
    Every president has to have two American citizen parents.

  9. Ukiah Spiritt

    What am I missing here: The birthers would disallow Obama as president
    because they erroneously believe he was not born in the US. Then I have two
    words – Ted Cruz. Teddy-boy was born in Canada. (although very few
    Canadians will admit to that – I wonder why?)

  10. Penningtontj

    I love how she says Occidental “sounds kind of foreign” when it literally
    means “White people” (well, more specifically white western European people
    and culture).

    I’m also 99% sure she’s aware of the word’s meaning herself, which just
    adds to the sass.

  11. Chuck-U Farly

    Almost 3 years later the Right Wing Cons are still trying to find some made
    up story to discredit Obama. The only people what look discredited are the
    Right Wing Cons and Nut jobs who believe their own bullshit.

  12. H vM

    LOVED Obama owning these birther fools to their face.

  13. A. Lawrence

    So many White Conservatitves are rubes. They buy crappy books and have
    paid people to tell them lies. How many listen and believe any lie they
    hear on FOX. Told to them by people who KNOW better. Mrs. Palin tricked
    thousands of supporters into sending her money when she knew she had no
    plans to run for office. Ann Coulter, Rush, Hannity, Savage, O’Reilly
    have made millions by exploiting‎ White Americans fears.

    Nobody is taking your guns. There is NO war on Christanity. Blacks
    aren’t going to break into your home and kill your family. Gay people
    pose no threat to your kids….

  14. Michael Streets

    Let me get this right… So the taxes that we pay are all well and good,
    just as long as it is sent overseas. It is a travesty when our government
    spends it on the same exact thing on our own people. Love the logic.

  15. 1998nicksdad

    unbelievable, it doesn’t matter anyway, the republicans have alienated
    women, minorities, young voters and gays. the only people left is older
    white men and some misguided middle class. Why they vote against their own
    financial interest is beyond me, if people believe that the 1% and big
    business have same goals and interest as them I have a bridge to sell

  16. Zarathustra1

    It’s not funny it’s just racist

  17. Pul5ar

    LOL, Why on earth would you deprive your child of American citizenship in
    exchange for Kenyan citizenship?!

  18. Thomas MacKelly

    Liberals win again.

  19. darkprose

    And I love how she parodies Jon Stewart a bit there. That was a nice

  20. Cizfinestbaby92

    What people should know is that these birthers are speaking in code and
    Republican politicians are using dog whistles to rile these ignorant twats
    up and have used racist dog whistles since the late 1960’s with the
    Dixiecrat’s which are now the GOP voting base in the South. For example
    when they say he’s not American or that his Kenyan what they’re really
    trying to say is how is it possible that a black guy is the President? He
    should know his place? They just cannot accept someone that doesn’t look
    like them is in the White House these retards vote on resentment, anxiety,
    paranoia, and fear. That’s the truth and the truth hurts and I’m just
    writing what most people in America know but don’t like to say out loud.

  21. David Harrington

    Rachel’s sarcasm is unmatched……oooh the irony!!!

  22. darkprose

    Well, to be fair to the birthers, they are using the same critical thinking
    skills that they apply to their religious beliefs. Which is technically
    none, but still!

  23. keith ellis

    How many american presidents have ever
    been ask to show there birth certificates,
    And when he announced his candidacy for
    President, oh! Never expected the Black/white/Asian
    to win. Sounds just like a melting pot, I can’t hardly
    wait to vote for a Mexican president, or a woman with
    5 kids and 5dads. I know we would have been better off
    voting for that chair Clint Eastwood talked to than George
    bush and that gang of thieves.