Rachel Maddow smacks down Republican hack David Frum

Rachel Maddow sparred with former Bush speechwriter/National Evaluation contributor David Frum, right after Frum imagined he’d cleverly ambush Maddow with the accusation that she was contributing to the low tone of the political discourse. MADDOW: You have publicly stated some reservations about John McCain and criticisms about the way his campaign is run, even however you have also said that you will vote for him. 1 quote I needed to ask you about. You mentioned, “Those who press this Ayers line of assault are whipping Republicans and conservatives into a fury that’s going to be very tough to calm right after November.” What do you indicate by that, in that word, “fury.” FRUM: Nicely, I feel that you had been talking by way of much of the demonstrate about the matter of tone in our politics. And but, we are seeing, I think, an intensification of the ugliness of tone that has been a feature of American politics for the previous eight years. I mean, this present, regrettably, is an instance of that difficulty. Generally, Frum objected to Maddow’s injection of humor and sarcasm into her show as an illustration of how political culture was circling the drain. Maddow, certainly, had some disagreement with this contention, suggesting that her use of comic result was not in any way equivalent to say…calling for someone’s head on the campaign trail. Of program, Frum seems to have a issue with political comedy in basic. Back in July, he took to his “Diary” to caterwaul above the way Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert deal with the
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18 Responses to Rachel Maddow smacks down Republican hack David Frum

  1. Doomsday4321

    I hate when Republicans take shots at her because she’s a lesbian…

  2. jh28100

    She generally tries to have good intelligent debates with her guests.

  3. V Snider

    She’s just a smug biased smear artist.

  4. Chorlomis

    I notice how Rachel doesn’t interrupt her guests like the personalities on Fox.

  5. Edwardbrooklyn

    yeah, I think the Republicans are just that, how you knew? just watch Fox

  6. R4t10n4L

    As I posted in reply to someone else he only looks reasonable because he is well educated and isn’t a religious fanatic. The truth is I’ve never liked him and rarely agreed with him. But it’s a sad story of US conservative politics that a expatriate Canadian is now the poster boy for moderate Republicans ( who have now become an almost insignificant faction in their own party )

  7. R4t10n4L

    If you think the Dems are the Party of Hate, then the Repugs are the Party of Spiteful Hypocrisy.

  8. R4t10n4L

    It’s good that you added “nowadays” because it’s telling just how incredibly rightwing the conservatives/Republicans have shifted. Frum is a diehard conservative and can be as blinkered as any but he’s a foaming-at-the-mouth religious fundamentalist, and is capable of telling his fellows cons bluntly that they’re screwing up. That’s a no-no in the Party of No.

  9. R4t10n4L

    We’d laugh if you were funny. Try again.

  10. R4t10n4L

    Her name is Rachel Maddow, not Rachel Cant. Also, considering that most of the men and women that she interviews are straight, she must not like a whole lot of people.

  11. R4t10n4L

    If Frum is serious about improving politics, he should focus on getting the corrupt money out of politics on all sides.

  12. R4t10n4L

    Frum is one of the few intelligent conservatives but he’s quite humorless.
    I can respect the man’s opinions but he doesn’t have the common touch.

  13. xadam2dudex

    u must be a moronic idiot because u r a right wing bigot

  14. GDuck1966

    He must be straight. Therefore Rachel Cant stand him

  15. swanker63

    Rachel Madcow?What a Joke!!

  16. snippy2

    As a liberal I actually think Frum is one of the more honest repubs.. but with 24 hour cable news and financial news it has all become 90 percent entertainment and 10 percent hard news at best. All the shows from Fox or MSNBC have tons of gimmicks, lists, comedy bits, visual aids that are totally useless.. most of them are trying to be comedians, while mixing in some news and opinion. If you want hard news to know what is really happening in the world watch BBC WN America.. or even try reading

  17. darwincity

    Maddow criticizing Frum? He’s one of the most moderate Republicans nowadays, being fired for criticizing Fox and opposing Levin and Savage…

  18. Nateb123

    I kind of agree with Frum at the start despite the fact I love Maddow’s show. Politics now is more of a brand war akin to coke vs pepsi with MSNBC vs FOX or Republicans vs Democrats.  If there was less infighting we would see FAR more progress in America. Both parties have voters who want an expansion of the middle class, the availability of jobs so there are less people who need handouts, etc. But healthcare, infrastructure and education get hosed when no one acknowledges their similarities.