Special girl video games for young girls

Girls love all their pink and cute girly stuff. Whether it is their beautiful dresses, their shoes, bags and other accessories, their makeup or video games designed especially for them so that they can have the time of their lives. Today you have every possible genre of video games and there are games which are made keeping in mind the young and impressionable girls who love all things romantic and sweet.

You will find many games dedicated to the young, blushing girl and they can live out their fantasies being beautiful princesses waiting for a prince charming to come rescue them. Most of the video games for girls are based on a story which involves the player assuming the role of the princess, or bride about to get married. Some of the popular video games for girls are Princess Yoko, Beautiful Princess, My Dream Girl, Wedding Makeover and Fall Fashion Dream to mention a few.

Girls love fashion and they are always interested in clothes, shopping and image makeovers. You have video games which let them use their creativity by dressing up the bride or indulging in a bit on virtual shopping and even dictating fashion trends.

Bratz games are also found in plenty online and all young girls love the Bratz girls. Based on the famous TV series, The Bratz these games are designed with amazing special effects to provide the young players a very realistic feel. Girls can dress up the Bratz girls, or they can join then in a sci-fi adventure to beat the aliens and rescue planet earth. Young girls have a lot of fun playing these special Bratz games and they have a large number to choose from. Some of the very much in demand Bratz games include Bratz Fairy, Dancing Bratz, Bratz Nursing School and Bratz Diamonds and Bratz Love Meter.

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