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Long distance Dating

Long-distance relationships and dating occur when a couple live far apart from each other and are unable to see one another but on holidays, weekends, or on vacation. Long-distance dating can be quite a hardship on some relationships if the people want to be together more regularly. Many people enjoy long-distance relationships since it provides … Continue reading

Singles Dating Perth

Will yours be a happy Valentine’s Day or will you be lonely and looking for a partner? Many singles, particularly those in the Singles perth and backpacker age group, visit Australia during the freezing Northern Hemisphere winter to escape the cold and enjoy the warmth, beaches and sunshine of Australia.   In fact, during the … Continue reading

Pet Lovers Dating

Picture you have just walked out of the films hand in hand with the wonderful man you have been eyeing at the workplace all month and in an work to extend the evening he provides to acquire you an ice cream, to which you quickly agree to. You stroll into the local dairy queen and … Continue reading

Most current Frum Dating auctions

Some recent frum dating auctions on eBay: