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Dating With A Smile

Dating is hard enough without having to worrying about your beastly smile. It funny when you first meet someone thing go so much easier when your laughing and telling jokes. Except one thing you got those yellow teeth. I bet your partner has a pair shade tell to put them on then you be able … Continue reading

Dating After Fifty

Dating after fifty is a concept that is gradually catching up with people. Although, it might seem a little strange at the beginning, but as the saying goes there is no age for loving and one can fall in love all over again even after the fall of youth. However, it comes with a new … Continue reading

Dating An Older Man

Dating an older man has been quite a frequent thing nowadays. There are a lot of women who loves going around with older and matured men. There can be innumerable reasons to prove this statement. There are some women who like younger guys but quite many of them also opt for grown-ups where dating and … Continue reading

Problems with Dating

Most dating problems occur because either the two of you aren’t compatible or you aren’t communicating enough. Other issues may be because both of you just are not right for one another. Communication is an essential thing when you’re dating. Most problems occur because both of you are experiencing difficulty expressing your feelings or else … Continue reading

Latest Frum Dating auctions

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