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There is no precise clinical definition of respiratory failure; the diagnosis rests on the interpretation of arterial blood gas measurements. A patient can be said to be in respiratory failure if the arterial oxygen tension (-Pao2) falls below 8.0 kPa/60 mmHg (normal range 11.3-13.3kPa or85-100mmHg) or if the arterial carbon dioxide tension(Paco2) rises above 6.6kPa/50mmHg … Continue reading

Definition Of Nursing Practice

Nursing practice is an act of providing care to the patients. In providing care to the patients, the nurses implement a nursing care plan which is based on initial condition of the patient. It is based on a specific nursing theory. Following nursing theory and nursing research side by side is a must for patient … Continue reading

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High Definition Camera in Your Pocket

Technology today has innovated the use, the features, and the style of video recording. Imagine being able to capture a special scene or event in your life in high definition with the use of a pocket video camera. An hd pocket camera is a tapeless camcorder that can fit into one’s pocket. It resembles the … Continue reading

Definition of Being Green

Going green should not just be considered a cool thing to do for the moment it should be a permanent lifestyle change. Due to increasing concerns of global warming the act of living a green lifestyle is growing in popularity. Its popularity is also growing due to powerful figures and Hollywood stars drawing attention to … Continue reading