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High Definition Camera in Your Pocket

Technology today has innovated the use, the features, and the style of video recording. Imagine being able to capture a special scene or event in your life in high definition with the use of a pocket video camera. An hd pocket camera is a tapeless camcorder that can fit into one’s pocket. It resembles the … Continue reading

Definition of Being Green

Going green should not just be considered a cool thing to do for the moment it should be a permanent lifestyle change. Due to increasing concerns of global warming the act of living a green lifestyle is growing in popularity. Its popularity is also growing due to powerful figures and Hollywood stars drawing attention to … Continue reading

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No Fault Divorce Definition

Since the year 1960, the no fault divorce has earned popularity among divorce seeking couples. The no fault divorce definition implies that none of the spouses have to prove the other to have indulged in marital misconduct or ‘fault’ that has lead to the innocent to seek for the legal separation. In fact, the whole … Continue reading