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The Definition of Sterilization

The method of sterilization process is through heating, irradiating, and filtrating. Heating method includes autoclaving, dry heating, tyndallisation, and also pasteurization. In the past, people used fire to sterilize items. This operation was later founded as ineffective because it denatured protein. People found many other disadvantages as time passed. This fact lead many people to … Continue reading


There is no precise clinical definition of respiratory failure; the diagnosis rests on the interpretation of arterial blood gas measurements. A patient can be said to be in respiratory failure if the arterial oxygen tension (-Pao2) falls below 8.0 kPa/60 mmHg (normal range 11.3-13.3kPa or85-100mmHg) or if the arterial carbon dioxide tension(Paco2) rises above 6.6kPa/50mmHg … Continue reading

Definition Of Nursing Practice

Nursing practice is an act of providing care to the patients. In providing care to the patients, the nurses implement a nursing care plan which is based on initial condition of the patient. It is based on a specific nursing theory. Following nursing theory and nursing research side by side is a must for patient … Continue reading