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A linguist&#39s get on the knaidel/kneydl controversy I produced this internet site on the designs of Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia as a way of collecting information and sharing it with the public. The entry for knaidel … A notion from linguistics can be valuable right here: the distinction amongst code switching and … Read through … Continue reading

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Campaign for 2016 officially begins with Cruz&#39s announcement What&#39s in Wonkbook: one) Cruz announces bid 2) Opinions, like Frum on American exceptionalism three) Confederate flags situation at the Supreme Court, and a lot more. Chart of the day: Far more than a quarter of property owners are still underwater in many massive cities. Read through … Continue reading

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Belda Lindenbaum, 76, Pioneer Between Orthodox Feminists “At the age of 29, my personal bio would have study: married, three sons, a newborn daughter, frum (religious virtually, “pious”) from birth, modern Orthodox, and the item of a co-ed Jewish day school. “Despite my background, my religious life was all … Go through much more on … Continue reading

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Lyme forum: Little methods can reduce huge risks That was the message from authorities and advocates at Wednesday&#39s educational forum on the health, ecological and political trends surrounding Lyme illness and other illnesses that can come from a single tick bite. &quotThere was just so significantly data,&quot&nbsp… Read more on Poughkeepsie Journal Free of charge … Continue reading

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The Illegal Bergdahl Deal: Sordid Particulars, Troubling Implications Numerous news sources are now reporting that the US Army is charging Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — the American soldier handed over by terrorist hostage takers in exchange for the release of five high-ranking Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay final spring&nbsp… Read through more on Town Hall Free … Continue reading