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Toggi Ladies FRUME HOODIE with POCKETS – Ladies 10 12 14 Pink & Fig Stripe

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Q&A: Can Orthodox Jewish ladies dress in sandals?

Query by Tess: Can Orthodox Jewish girls dress in sandals? I imagined Orthodox females only wore shut toed shoes till I saw the Frum Fashionista blog and she showed off flip flops and thongs. I am getting to be much more tsnius and live in Las Vegas, so if I can dress in sandals, it … Continue reading

Hollister Ladies

  Want to sport the seems to be of Hollister girls? The designs that don the part of the Hollister girls sport a beautiful seem, in which they hook the consideration of many lovers, who in flip crave to get the looks that these versions that turn out to be a element of the Hollister … Continue reading

Ladies Clothes, Ladies Clothing

Little ones Clothing for Girls Generally the a variety of varieties of clothing we all wear are inspired by our society, the culture and traditions as nicely as the social and climatic circumstances about us. They are essentially made as per diverse needs and prevalent fashions. The developments and alterations in our life style have … Continue reading

Can a Jewish ladies have a Mikvah from house?

Question by thomas m: Can a Jewish girls have a Mikvah from house? If 1 is far away from a Synagogue or about holiday may a girls have her mikvah from house? If yes how? Best answer: Answer by Aravahanswer: Yes. By speaking with all the surrounding synagogue which has the mikvah plus arranging to … Continue reading