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Cruz: Trump May Owe 'Billions' in Loans to Big Banks When Donald Trump heard that Ted Cruz had taken out a loan from Goldman Sachs (against his own investments, by the way), he lashed out at his rival. The loan proved that Cruz was owned by the banks! He could not be trusted! He'd just … Continue reading

Latest Frum Clothes News

The Shadow Knows The latest from Gerard Woodward, a British writer frequently shortlisted for prestigious literary awards, has aspects of war, espionage, coming-of-age, comedy, mystery, saga, gay romance, and courtroom drama. It provides a wealth of background … Read more on The Weekly Standard FREE this week at our frum clothes store: Dear Mr. Claus … Continue reading

Latest Frum Fashion News

The 19th-Century Japanese Law on Last Names Japan's Supreme Court has upheld a law from 1898 that requires married couples to have the same last name—a piece of legislation that critics said was discriminatory. At the same time, the court struck down another law, also from the Meiji Era, that … Read more on The … Continue reading

Latest Frum Fashion News

The Secret of Trump's Success My sense of things, last night and in the cold light of morning, is that yesterday evening's Republican debate mostly maintained the primary race's status quo — Trump on top, Rubio and Cruz jockeying beneath, and room for maybe one more candidate to … Read more on New York Times … Continue reading

Latest Baal Teshuva News

Report: World Jewish Population Nears Pre-Holocaust Level … Conservative and Reform so-called converts who think they're Jewish. Today, a good percent of those who come to kiruv and want to be a “baal teshuva” coming from the non-Orthodox movements, turn out to be gentiles thinking they're Jews. Coy boy says:. Read more on Yeshiva World … Continue reading