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Most well-known Frum Urban Dictionary auctions

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Major concerns in urban planning

It’s pretty hard to ascertain exactly how the first city came into being and grows into a large metropolitan area. In most cases, it was a natural process and not something planned by human civilization. However, there are many instances when cities were properly planned and built in accordance to those plans with some preconceived … Continue reading

Urban Outfitters Trumps Zentai

In this modern-day tale of two teen apparel merchants, it has been the best of instances in current months for Urban Outfitters Inc. and, if not the worst, a decidedly underwhelming time at rival Zentai Co. . “Urban Outfitters is 1 of the couple of apparel merchants with any type of product sales momentum despite … Continue reading

Absorb the Urban Beauty of Surabaya

Surabaya is one of the larger cities in Indonesia and as such, is a prime destination for business visitors. Surabaya is also used as a gateway for tourists to enter the rest of Java, in particular Mount Bromo and its scenic surroundings. It also provides excellent boat access to the ever popular resort of Bali. … Continue reading

Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook Review

Most individuals hear the words “Healthy Eating” and cringe since it commonly involves some kind of strict routine that doesn’t fit in their busy life styles. The words also bring images of counting calories, low carb, low fat foods that taste like cardboard, strict workouts and starvation. The local bookstore carries an array of so … Continue reading