TeeNeck – Modest Clothing – Cover The Cleavage with Kosher Casual

www.koshercasual.com Teeneck cleavage cover-ups provide a comfortable plus advantageous answer for covering up cleavage. Kosher Casual makes a line of modernly small clothing for females, teenagers, plus females including skirts, 3/4 sleeve tops plus small accessories.www.youtube.com
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4 Responses to TeeNeck – Modest Clothing – Cover The Cleavage with Kosher Casual

  1. imnutsabouthorses

    I actually do not use any of them. I want to use them, but I haven’t been able to order any yet. :/ I am christian, btw. 🙂 I agree, modest IS the way to go.

  2. coloredrose1988

    you are so right! These are just so easy, do you use the sleevies? I now make my own and it works wonderful <3 are you jewish? muslim? christian? modest is the way to go for the religious woman (:

  3. TheKosher1

    Kosher Casual has a whole range of creative modest solutions with style and comfort. KosherCasual(dot)com

  4. imnutsabouthorses

    I need these! I have the Cami-Secrets and loved them at first, but now I’m not so sure. They work but sometimes they slip down. I would love something like these! I might order some.