Traffic Building for Your Free Forum Forums

Traffic Building for your Free Forum

Automatic Link Building

We all know the importance of your forum ranking high in Googles
Search engines. When people key in a particular subject type of forum
(example: work at home forum, shoe forum, house forum ect…..)their main objective is to come up on the first page of the results. First page means, more visit to your forum. More visits to your forum means more people will see your advertisement, opportunity, or post. Meaning you make more money.

My first report at New works forum explained the number one importance of having the right domain name for your forum. ***remember*** Most Free Forums do not give you this option. This is the number one key to getting top placement in the search engines. Be sure to read my previous post on choosing a Free Forum.

My second report explained the importance of on-page optimization and my third report explain the importance of off-page optimization, using link building strategies. This report will tell you more about proper linking and automatic linking.

Proper Linking

Although Link Building can promote your free forum, bring more traffic, and get you good placement in Google search engine, link building can be a time consuming strategy. If you do not understand the world of linking you can spend hours and hours submitting your link to directories and forums.


You submit your link to a directory that has a page ranking by google of (1). Did you know that in order for your free forum to even get a page ranking of 1, you would have to submit to 1,000 PR1 directories or forums. I advise that you try and link to only PR3 and higher sites, because the effort you have to put in will be worth the time.

Automatic Linking

This procedure can only be used if you register for a free forum

Using Free Forum Forums, your free forum will be automatically placed on 100 PR 3 webpages.

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