Troy Wright and Eric Moore Knowledge DVD Drum Shed

This is a drum shed I played along to from Eric Moore’s new DVD “The Knowledge” This gospel chop drumming “shed” type of drumming is a wonderful way to explore…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / five

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24 Responses to Troy Wright and Eric Moore Knowledge DVD Drum Shed

  1. Troy Wright

    Man this was fun!

  2. Eric MooreII

    Thank you Troy for making this awesome video. Yes you did an amazing job in
    the advance shed sceme of the dvd. This exactly what I in vision when I
    made this. All drummers having the chance and opportunity to be creative
    and have a work out partner. Cant wait to see more videos like this one.
    Great job man . Your insane. 

  3. Fábio Dias

    Awsome collab, man! I’m a fan! Keep up rocking!

  4. Troy Wright
  5. brandon ross

    One the best sheds I’ve seen in a while good shit fellas 

  6. Emil Bringsli

    It really looks like the two of you were having a lot of fun doing this,
    making it all the more fun for others to watch! Really puts it aside from
    all the other drumming videos out there :)

  7. Jay Dubs


    Only word for this video.

  8. Brandon Trahan

    2:19. Jesus. Holy fuck 

  9. Kolby K


  10. becca rosati

    i hope he see’s you for this and you guys get to do this face to face. it
    would be soooo fun to watch and an amazing experience for you.

  11. Slava Lucky

    Заганял Ерика))

  12. Yigal Kamel

    Insanely good

  13. PlayDrumsPeriod

    Very Cool!

  14. Brandon Trahan

    You did NOT get destroyed. 

  15. heirbosten

    Hey, can you please cover Physical Education, by Animals As Leaders, I am
    in love with the song.

  16. TheAlmightyEvan

    My new favorite of your videos!

  17. Alfred Davis

    Amazing as always. Such talent 

  18. NoisiaTV

    The tracklist in the description was the wrong one. This one is correct:

    01. Noisia – Oh Oh [Vision Recordings]
    02. Noisia – Leopard Slug [Vision Recordings]
    03. Noisia & Phace – Purpose [Vision Recordings]
    04. Hybris – Mind Grind [Invisible Recordings]
    05. Noisia & Evol Intent – Long Gone [Vision Recordings]
    06. Unknown – Unknown [Invisible Recordings]
    07. Hybris – Timeloop [Invisible Recordings]
    08. Noisia – Running-blind [Vision Recordings]
    09. Unknown – Unknown [Invisible Recordings]
    10. Fre4knc – Cardiome [Invisible Recordings]
    11. Prolix & Noisia – Asteroids [Vision Recordings]
    12. Mefjus – Signalz (Emperor Remix) [Critical Music]
    13. Survey – Swim [Invisible Recordings]
    14. Unknown – Unknown [Invisible Recordings]
    15. Noisia – Shaking Hands [Vision Recordings]
    16. Unknown – Unknown [Invisible Recordings]
    17. Noisia – Stamp Out [Vision Recordings]
    18. I Am Legion – Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix) [Division
    Recordings / Par Excellence / OWSLA]

  19. D1visor

    Finally! A wallpaper :D

  20. minsqueeno2

    Awesome mix! But why is the tracklist in the description completely wrong?

  21. ludovic petry

    what the name of the last song ? :)


    Grandmasters !!!! <3

  23. Sargon

    great mix <3

  24. Existence SD

    Brilliant! Appreciate it guys 🙂