What stores in New York sell Rapper clothes line brands?

Query by wheresthebeeruk: What shops in New York promote Rapper clothes line brand names?
i am going to new york soon and was wondering what retailers sell rappers clothing, for example i want to purchase some P-diddy clothes – Sean John and T.I – AKOO, Jay z – Rocawear does any person know any shops that sell these sorts of brand names?

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Reply by Sandy
http://www.youtube.com/consumer/brunetteheartsbeauty you really should actually check her out, she is just starting up on youtube, and she is truly useful. I only know this due to the fact i posted a question right here, and she answered it correctly and then told me about her videos, she understands more than i do about all this. very good luck 🙂

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  1. G.

    NY is one of the best places to visit n shop
    but on a side note do not wear flip flops NY streets r very dirty u will b scrubbing ur feet at the end of the day….
    i would recommend going on broadway n walking the soho area which is btw canal n i wanna say 9th street. there r tons of shops on brodaway great sneaker n clothign shops also recommend looking up and down each block b/c there r some awesome shops hidden like kid robot, adidas the kool one, skate shops they got some awesome tee’s been dressing urban for years n buy my b/f tees’ from there n everyone wants em. also check out the website akomplice for kool tee’s even the New Era hat shop is there n parasuco is on the next ave down.
    9th street is the village which has sum great shops nothing rap like but piercings n some kool t-shirt shops n an awesome hat spot also on 8th n if ur into hot dogs u have to stop by grey’s papaya on 8th n i wanna say 6th ave u can ask a NY’er the usually know where it is.
    Also there is the Sean john store and a huge H&M on 42nd across the street frum NY public library i wanna say the N train stops there its kinda a walk but worth it. if u do go that way u have to into the library its a beautiful building ppl always do museusms n time sq but this is a great spot too n then there is bryant park right behind it great for having lunch outside plus there r tables n chairs if u can get ur hands on one !
    on the other side of bryant park is the penguine store which has some kool stuff n no one really knows about it n they have an awesome sneaker store that way.
    if you go further updown on 60th and lexington has the diesel store, levi’s another big h&m n great place to grab lunch that way is the pizzeria on 60th btw lex n 3rd ave wanan say right next to subway sandwhich spot.. but u have to get the chicken parm its pretty good if u walk down to 3rd ave frum 60th u have urban outfitters and dylans candy shop which is a great candy store makes u feel like a kid again.
    Great place for deals is century 21 but u have to go early early in the A.M like before 11:00 to b able to take ur time n see everything it does become a mad house later on in the day but they carry all brands even bought coogi there parsuco, penguine, diesel, adidas, sean john, mavi, nike, and many more century 21 is right across the street from World Trade Center site…
    hope this was usefull and have fun!!