WUT DAT HUM FRUM? feat. DavidsVlog~!

10 minutes of ridiculousness. You’re welcome. Check out the video we made on Davids Channel too~!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvREoDV3J60&list=UUjz0GoGd…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to WUT DAT HUM FRUM? feat. DavidsVlog~!

  1. Yeeksma McHogginssmithfurf

    David looks SUPER hot in this video but i want to know…. is he wearing
    make-up? I went on his channel and watched some of his videos and no
    offense but he had light acne and in this video is face looks as smooth and
    clear as a baby’s ass. My personal opinion unless the guy is like miles jay
    you know, cross-dressing or like transgender, then no guy should wear
    make-up. Guys who wear make-up are a BIG turn off to me. If a guy has light
    acne he should just wash his face and wait for the acne to fade away. Thats
    what i do, but i dont really have bad acne.

  2. Serafini Gaunt

    You do know that catfood is made from parts of dead or dying animals right?

  3. Lateef Thynative

    I’m just gone go ahead and ship y’all two! 

  4. jinx5005

    Whenever David smiles, my balls explode. I am so thirsty for that guy you
    have got no idea, not even the entire ocean is enough to quench that thirst.

    He pretty much is one of the most beautiful people I’ve come across on YT.

  5. MyHolyDemi


  6. marluxiaphantom67

    David is fucking beautiful. Miles is fucking gorgeous 

  7. laurenv20

    Am I the only one that keeps getting ads in Spanish before videos?

  8. Maka0Soul

    uploaded on my sweet sixteen…this was a great birthday present lmao <3

  9. gamerguy85


  10. Binahi Aqrawi

    his humming is so beautiful wth is he a singer???? haha

  11. Jamie Hussain

    I desperately want you to do a collab with mahogany lox bcuz u r both
    fabulous and ur hair is amazing like ERMAGURD

  12. Violette Magenta Catulong

    I am loving David’s shirt! Where did he bought that?

  13. Brandon S

    I wanna know where David and Miles got their shirts!!!!

  14. Huntington S.

    So considerate, reassuring David that he didn’t have to swallow if he
    didn’t want to do so. Miles Jai, always a gentleman.